Amazing UKMT Olympiad Results from DCSZ

We are delighted to announce the recently received results from the UKMT Challenge! This year we have had outstanding success in all three challenges:

  • Senior Challenge: 16 Gold medals with 6 students qualifying for the Olympiad:

Roy B (Year 8) qualified joint highest in the school, along with his brotherChad B (Year 11). 

Chad B (Year 11)and Ryan R (Year 11) went on to achieve Merits at the Olympiad.

  • Intermediate Challenge: 10 Gold Medals with 4 students qualifying for their respective Olympiads: Roy B (Year 8), Jiwoo L (Year 9), Lauren X  (Year 10), Chad B (Year 11). 

Lauren X qualified with the best score in the school and so far we know that Chad B received a Certificate of Distinction from the Maclaurin Challenge that he qualified for. We are waiting for the other results.

  • Junior Challenge: 14 Gold Medals with 3 students qualifying for the Olympiad to be held in June.

Roy B (Year 8) scored a perfect 100%.

Mr Steven Lithgo, Head of Mathematics, also shares his thoughts for these wonderful students:

“This year we have allowed our Go Beyond students to participate in competitions outside of their usual age groups and this has proven to be hugely successful and it testament to the work they have been doing in the Go Beyond program. The problem solving nature of the UKMT papers allows students to collaborate and share their ideas and the Go Beyond forum gives the opportunity for our top Mathematicians to work together and share their love of Mathematics.”

Incredible achievements from our Mathematicians again this year, well done to everyone who participated!