2022 UKChO DCSZ Receives Excellent Results

We are thrilled to share a big congratulations to our Year 11 – Year 13 students:Pin – Jung L (Gold Certificate), Yewon L (Silver Certificate), Gracie T (Bronze Certificate), Jiwon H (Bronze Certificate), Eunkyung H (Bronze Certificate) and Chad B (Bronze Certificate) who have been awarded with certificates for the 54th Annual Chemistry Olympiad awards.

Among 7 students who registered for this competition through our school, 6 of them received good results. Almost 85 % of winning rate. It is to recognize and appreciate the hard work and achievement of these students and the outstanding teaching quality of our school. Congratulations!

Ms Ellena Lin, our Senior School Chemistry Teacher, expressed her excitment about this good news:

UKChO is a popular competition for chemistry subject. In the past years, students who joined this competition were IB students due to the challenging part of organic chemistry. But this year, we have lots of students from our IGCSE chemistry class and got outstanding results. Congratulations to all the students who win the prize! 

UKChO Introduction

The UK Chemistry Olympiad (UKChO) is hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The RSC, with headquarters in London and Cambridge, is one of the world’s most influential chemistry organizations. With over 50,000 members and an international publishing and knowledge business, they are the UK’s professional body for chemical scientists, supporting and representing their members and bringing together chemical scientists from all over the world. It provides a great opportunity for the students to develop and showcase some of the skills they’ll need at university and beyond.