Rosy Zhang photo

Rosy Zhang

Chief Nurse

Rosy Zhang studied at Shanghai Medical University and majored in nursing in 1991. She then worked in a number of public hospitals over the next few years. Before she moved to Suzhou and joined Dulwich as Chief Nurse in 2007, when the school was just established, she was the Health Director for Xiamei International School.

Rosy leads the medical team in our school health center. Our school medical team is responsible for providing first aid care, administering medication, providing an effective communicable disease control program, assessing the unique health needs of students and teachers and to provide special medical procedures with an individual health care plan in our school community. Rosy works with Ross, our school Director of Business Administration, to develop school health-related policies and procedures in compliance with local mandates and current international health practices.

Rosy and her medical team are available to you as a resource for advice regarding health issues.


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