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Rajan Chana

Class Teacher

Rajan graduated in 2014 from the University of Bedfordshire UK, his hometown, with a Bachelor of Honors Degree in Child and Adolescent Studies. He then continued his studies and completed his QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). Throughout this time, he gained a great range of experience in the local schools to where he lived, teaching in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 as well as undertaking extra roles such as being an Art, Music and Phonics Leader. He has thoroughly enjoyed the age phases that he has taught and cannot wait to spend his second year at Dulwich teaching Year 3 again, further enhancing the learning opportunities that children experienced whilst in Year 2. He is determined to ensure children enjoy their learning, encouraging them to create thought provoking questions, channeling their desire to want to learn through practical, investigative activities where multiple outcomes are possible. 

Outside his role as a teacher, Rajan has a real passion for music. He has been influenced by many genres of music since a young age, and around 15 years ago he decided to further develop his musical experiences within his own culture. He has therefore learnt how to play various Indian instruments as well as developing his singing voice. Since 2016, he has been given two recording contracts from a well known company in India, providing an incredible experience to learn about studio voice recording and music video recording, as well as undergoing various interviews with radio shows and newspapers. He now enjoys having his own Radio Show in Shanghai, enabling him to gain further experience of music through working with a wide range of guests and speakers who join me on the show. 

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