Nicola Wilson photo

Nicola Wilson

Head of Year 4, Classroom Teacher

Nicola has been teaching for two years and is very excited to start her third teaching year with Dulwich College, Suzhou. Previously Nicola taught in an inner London Borough in years five and six.  She has taken on different roles such as parent teacher liaison officer, Geography coordinator and 'Families and Schools together' teacher partner. This experience developed her understanding in the importance of home-school relationships.  Nicola believes that for the child to reach their full potential, school and home need to have open lines of communication.

As a class teacher, Nicola sees her role as ensuring the children in her class reach their full potential, regardless of prior attainment.  She believes that by making sure lessons are enjoyable and practical, children will have a desire to learn and the best learning takes place when children do not even know it is happening.

In her spare time Nicola likes to take part in outdoor activities such as hiking and mountaineering.  She also enjoys reading, travelling and spending time with her family.

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