Mo McCauley photo

Mo McCauley

Class Teacher

Mo is from Glasgow and in her previous post, she worked in a multi-cultural primary school as a Principal Teacher. She is very excited about joining us in Suzhou and being part of the DUCKS team. She worked in her previous school for 11 years and felt she had many great opportunities to develop her own teaching skills and learn how to support children who are learning in a second language. She has experience of developing the curriculum having taken on lead areas in many parts of it, her most recent being the development of literacy. She enjoys being involved in every aspect of the school and is keen to take on new projects.

Mo lived and taught in Poland for a year, teaching English to secondary pupils, and this experience was the drive behind her wanting to work abroad again. Mo has two grown up boys, Sam and Jack, who are staying in Scotland. She is moving with her husband Gary, who is an artist and builder. She likes to run, swim and walk to keep fit and loves being outdoors. Mo is looking forward to her new adventure in China and meeting you all.

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