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Lukas Devlin

University and Careers Counsellor

My name is Luke Devlin, I am currently working as a college counselor in China. I planned to do one-year out here and go back home to the USA. I've now been here for nearly 4 years, I learned a lot about myself, the world and this profession. I am a small town guy from Illinois who took a leap and moved to China for some adventure, as a result I found a profession I am passionate about and have been exposed to a whole world I never knew existed.

I have previously worked with an almost entirely Chinese student-body for 3 years and have enjoyed the challenge of transitioning to a very diverse international student-body. This past summer I began working on a College Counseling Certificate from the University of California Los Angeles and expect to finish Spring 2018.

My public high school offered little in the way of preparation for life after secondary school. As a result, I was a first generation college student who was left to navigate the convoluted world of higher education myself. I learned a lot through my experiences and completed my bachelor dual-degree in Communication and Public Relations by combing courses offered at community college and a liberal arts institution near my home. I have a desire to better prepare individuals for the responsibility of making decisions about ones personal journey, embracing the challenges and identifying the opportunities presented. Whether the goal is to attend the highest ranked university, complete a degree in the shortest period of time, minimize the financial burdens on family and self, embark on a unique educational experience, the possible combinations and desires are nearly endless. Each case presents different wants and needs, I enjoy working through these and helping individuals and families reach their goals.

My hobbies include traveling, eating (learning to cook), and staying active. The activities I enjoy most are playing golf and basketball, coaching basketball, attending live sporting events and concerts. I follow my beloved St. Louis Cardinals religiously and go back to the US to spend time with my family and friends whenever the opportunity affords. Over the past two summers I have also spent time as a volunteer coach with PGC Basketball in the USA. I dream of someday being able to live in St. Louis and hold season tickets to the St. Louis Cardinals.

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