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Lucien Giordano

Director of University and Career Counselling

Lucien is from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This is his seventh year as a University and Guidance Counselor, his third with Dulwich College Suzhou, but his fifth with Dulwich, having spent two years on the other Suzhou campus. In addition, Lucien serves as the Assistant Director of Counseling for Dulwich College International. Prior to counseling, he taught literature and history in high schools and universities in the USA, Egypt, and England after completing a BA in America and an MA in the UK. He also holds a graduate certificate in International Counseling from Lehigh University (USA) and will convert the certificate to a full M.Ed in the Summer of 2017. He believes that students who work hard to discover their interests, know themselves, and strive for personally meaningful futures find the greatest success in university applications, further studies, and career paths. He strongly encourages students to be involved in arts, athletics, or anything else outside the classroom for which they are enthusiastic. The advice to students he most often hears from universities (and with which he couldn't agree more!), is to explore their interests by reading.

Lucien strongly encourages students and parents from any year to visit him on the 4th floor of the Senior School whenever they have questions or just want to chat about universities, career opportunities, internships, academic enrichment programs run by universities or, really, anything else.

In his spare time, Lucien tries to play basketball at least twice per week and reads fiction, poetry, and as much non-fiction about World War II as possible. He believes eating is the most important part of traveling and is trying his best to become fully conversant in Mandarin (still a long way to go!).

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