Lisa Hu photo

Lisa Hu

Mandarin Teacher, Head of JS & DUCKS Mandarin

Lisa Hu has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language for more than 13 years in international schools. She went to Jakarta, Indonesia during 2002-2004 for the exciting cultural and teaching experience. Lisa has taught students of different ages but enjoys teaching younger children the most. She joined Dulwich 7 years ago and has been Head of DUCKS Mandarin for the past three years. She has worked very hard with DUCKS Mandarin teachers to ensure children enjoy learning through lively activities. She hopes to use her enthusiasm and creativity to teach your children Mandarin and Chinese culture.

Lisa is keen to learn cooking and her favourite hobby is travelling. She has travelled most of the big cities in China. However, her hometown Suzhou is still her favorite city, which she loves to return to after her travels. Lisa likes exercising with friends on the weekend to stay healthy. €œ

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