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Leah Lewis

Class Teacher, Assistant Head (Foundation)

Leah is from Devon, England and joined Dulwich College Suzhou in 2013 after teaching at a British school in Cairo, Egypt. She has experience teaching students across the Primary age range, but is particularly passionate about Early Years. Leah has taught in all of the Foundation Stage classes as well as in Year One. She is also the Head of Early Years Foundation Stage and Assistant Head of DUCKS. 

Leah believes a positive classroom climate is key to a successful learning experience and is keen on developing the outdoor area to provide a stimulating environment for her students. She is always looking for interesting objects to incorporate into the class environment and strives to ensure her students feel safe, secure and happy at school. 

Since starting at Dulwich College Suzhou, Leah has also been leading netball across The College. She has promoted the sport from year 3 all the way up to year 13, and works alongside a group of teachers to coach netball during CCAs and provide competitive opportunities for her teams. 

Leah lives in China with her partner Thomas Lewis and her young son Joshua. They love to travel together around the world and particularly enjoy spending their summers in France, where they have a house. Leah hopes to continue her love of travelling for many years to come, exploring as many countries as her age in years; a challenge to herself to maintain. 

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