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Carly Emes

Class Teacher

Carly has been a teacher for five years; 4 of which she was working in a London Borough where predominantly her experience has been with Junior School pupils. Over the course of the four years in London she progressed from an NQT to PE co-ordinator, Maths co-ordinator and in her final year became a part of the Senior Leadership Team. However, her role as a class teacher comes first; she believes in a holistic teaching approach, making sure all children have the opportunity to excel in all areas of the curriculum and can achieve their full potential confidently and happily. She is determined to ensure children enjoy their learning through posing thought provoking questions and channeling their desire to want to lean through practical, investigative activities where multiple outcomes are possible.  Carly has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about the area and people within Suzhou in the time that she has lived here. In her spare time Carly is a keen sportswoman and plays hockey for her local team. She also enjoy reading, travelling and spending time with her family and friends. 

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