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Andrew Palmer

Student Counsellor

Andrew Palmer is from Rochester, New York, USA. He holds a Masters of Science in School Counselling, and has been working in the counselling field for 7 years. Additionally, he has 5-years-experience as an educator and social worker for individuals with developmental disabilities. During his years as a School Counsellor, he has found Brief Therapy to be an effective intervention in schools. He believes that many students have the answer to their conflicts, but just need some additional guidance to find their way to the proper solutions.

Although Andrew spent most of his life in New York, he lived and worked in Beijing for two years prior to coming to Suzhou. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports and being outdoors. He has experience coaching Volleyball, Basketball, and Badminton. He is currently coaching the ACAMIS Boys Volleyball Team and is excited to continue to build a stronger volleyball program across the College.

When it comes to students at Dulwich College Suzhou, Andrew works to ensure that all students are supported in the following three areas: 

1. Academic: Helping to understand his/her learning style and how to plan ways to improve it.

2. Career Exploration: Helping to recognize his/her strengths and weaknesses and how that relates to planning for a career

3. Personal/Social: Helping guide your son/daughter when he/she has personal problems that interfere with school success.


This is Andrew’s 4th year at the College, and he lives in Suzhou with his wife Lisa and their two children.

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