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Li Lin

Senior School Maths Teacher

Li Lin graduated from the University of Birmingham, UK with a First Class degree in Mathematical Science.  From the same university, she went on to obtain a PhD in Applied Mathematics.  She also obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (international) with Distinction from the University of Nottingham.  She has lived in the UK for more than twenty years and moved to China with her family last year.   

She joined DCSZ Senior School in 2017 as a special needs learning support teacher whilst completing her PGCEi training within the mathematics department.  She enjoyed collaborating with teachers in various subjects across the school.  She will be Mathematics Teacher of Senior School this year.  Prior to this role, she had been working as a software engineer and financial analyst in private and public UK sectors.  She joined the teaching field as she believes that education offers a fair opportunity to all who wish to learn and brings one to a higher and broader horizon.   

In her leisure time, Li Lin enjoys reading, communicating, exploring the nature and learning about different cultures.  She believes that success in any field can be achieved and repeated through focus and perseverance.   

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