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Claire Farrelly

Senior School Geography Teacher

Claire Farrelly is from Ireland and qualified with her BA in Geography and French in 2011 at the University College Cork. In 2012 she went on to complete an MA in Human Geography-Migration and Diaspora Studies. Claire continued her education and graduated with her Postgraduate Diploma in Education in 2014. Upon graduating in Ireland, she decided to pursue a career abroad and spent five years teaching in Abu Dhabi, UAE. While in the Middle East, she gained valuable experience teaching EAL students. After three years of teaching predominantly Year 8 and 9, she was appointed the position of Head of Year 9, which was both an enriching and rewarding role. Outside of the field of education, Claire enjoys reading, fitness, cooking and socialising with family and friends. In addition, Claire is an avid traveler, has a keen interest in the environment and has been involved in various Eco-friendly initiatives.

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