Last Wednesday, the student leaders of Senior School faced one of their biggest challenges yet – running Society Day. On this day, we as the Senior School Science Society leaders brought a myriad of experiments to reality with 100 Dulwich students.

Whether it be the biology in strawberry DNA extraction, the chemistry of rainbow-coloured solutions or the physics-oriented egg parachute challenge, weeks of forethought and days of preplanning were invested into the event with both supervisors and student volunteers. We are proud and grateful to see our work pay off in the form of smiles and ignited passions in the young scientists of the future we worked with.

Our usual sessions every Wednesday with the Senior School students are designed with the same rigour each week. Our lessons are always planned around what the students are interested in, working within and beyond the curriculum. We strive for the young scientists to develop a true interest and passion for the subject. This flexibility gives them space to truly discover, and build ‘out of textbook’ knowledge which will help them in future academic endeavours. In the end, it is drive and curiosity that allows us, and will allow them, to succeed.

Amanda G

With Dulwich’s belief of “students first”, we as student leaders can have full control over how sessions are run, enabling both holistic development as well as opportunities to demonstrate our potential in full. To set up weekly lessons is nowhere near easy, so we’re thankful to have such patient guidance and inspiration from our supervisors and technicians in every step of the process. On the other hand, we are happy to see more of our juniors get to know our society on a deeper level, and we hope in future they will continue to be engaged, working together to bring the Science Society to the next level.

Kevin S

Society day was challenging to many senses, from the organization of the experiments, to the actual completion of the day. It must be noted that before that morning, we were still nervous and unsure of how the day would unfold. But in the end, we all managed to settle in and survived till the end without any major issues.

Tommy T

Overall, society day was more successful than expected: lessons were delivered clearly, and we have also received positive feedback from the students and JS teachers. Although the day was hectic and restless, I have still gained quite a few experiences, as well as fully exploring my strengths and weaknesses.

Mr. Wilson (Head of Biology)

The students delivered exceptional lessons which were both engaging and exciting for their fellow students to experience. Whilst observing the IB Biologists deliver the lessons, I was incredibly impressed with their time management, delivery of content and organisation. These students have much to be proud of and I was pleased to see students instilling passion and curiosity into our future senior school scientists.